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REVIEW – Who’s Your Daddy by Lauren Rowe


Once I saw Marnie Long, a sassy, sultry, charismatic older woman in a bar, I couldn’t peel my eyes off her. I wanted her. At least, for one night. I’m way too busy with my career these days for anything more. As it turned out, after recently getting burned, Marnie was on the same page as me—all she wanted was one night of fun. I was happy to be of service. What I didn’t expect during our night together, however, was how deeply we connected. Also, how much I was dying to see her again the next morning.

After accepting Max’s surprising breakfast invitation the next morning, I was floating on air. Mere minutes later, though, all hell broke loose and I had no choice but to bolt out of Max’s place like my hair was on fire. It was such a pity, too. That scorching-hot patent attorney was the best I’ve ever had.

A year later, when I ran into Max at a party, I was a very bad girl and didn’t resist doing that very naughty thing. Now, thanks to my utter lack of willpower and common sense, I’ve risked my horrible secret getting out. Even worse, I’m in danger of catching real feelings for Max. Which I simply can’t do. Obviously. I’m not sure I can control what happens next, though. When I’m with Max, I feel like a runaway train, on the verge of hurtling off my tracks.

Who’s Your Daddy? is a single mother, age gap, forced proximity, standalone, unputdownable rom com that will keep you laughing, fanning yourself, and swooning, all the way to Max and Marnie’s happily ever after.

“I can already read you like a book, babe.” “Impossible. I’m a highly complicated book, with lots of plot twists. Nobody can predict this plot line.”


Marnie is a single mom and private chef. She lived her life travelling the world and cooking, until she ended up pregnant with her baby girl, Ripley, and moved back home and settled down. After a bad relationship, she has one unforgettable one night stand who has an unexpected connection to her. Max is a young lawyer and a workaholic, so one night stands are his thing. Except for Marnie leaves a lasting impression on him in multiple ways.

I LOVE Marnie and Max. Their chemistry is off the charts, their connection is deeper than just a physical connection. Even though Marnie is years older than Max it really doesn’t feel that way. These two are different, but they work so well together. Plus, Max and Ripley…..I was SWOONING hard. Ripley is just adorable in general, but with Max….I can’t.

The secondary characters in this are fantastic. From the friends to the family…minus one family member. They all added plenty of laughs throughout. I’m looking forward to getting to know some more about the friend group!

If you’re looking for a single mom, age gap, fake dating romance check this one out.