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REVIEW – Best Frenemies by Max Monroe


Going tit for tat with the man you hate is all fun and games until things get literal…and the jerk sees you naked.

My beach getaway was only supposed to include three things: relaxation, wine, and fun in the sun.

Mack Houston, on the other hand, should have never—ever—been involved.

In no uncertain terms, he’s the bane of my existence.
The thorn in my side.
The sexy Mr. Good-Time Guy who drives me up the wall and my work archnemesis for the past five years.

He’s the last person I want to get stuck anywhere with—it’s bad enough that I have to see him every day at work—and yet, because of a booking error (or curse of the universe, as I like to call it), I’m stuck in the same vacation rental with him for an entire week.

I’m going to end up in jail.
Or worse, I might just give in to the insane urge to find out if his lips are really as kissable as they look.

One way or the other, disaster feels imminent.

How in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I going to walk out of this bedroom and not burst into flames of embarrassment when I have to face my vacation roomie that I decided to give a masturbation peep show to less than twelve hours ago?


From the sizzling chemistry, the banter, hilarious secondary characters, and other craziness this book had me laughing out loud.

Katy and Mack are both teachers at the same school and Katy can’t really stand Mack, especially being in the classroom next to his. However, it doesn’t get better when they both end up at the same vacation condo on spring break.

There is no denying that there is chemistry between these two. I loved the banter between them from the start. The tension between them is sizzling and waiting for that tension to boil over and it finally boiling over was fantastic and there was no stopping these two.

This book started out a little slow for me and took some time to get into, but once I did I really loved these two. I loved the little visits from some old favorites, too.

If you’re looking for an enemies to lovers, workplace, forced proximity, rom com check this one out.