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REVIEW – A Hook Up to Remember by Ellouise Liston


I’m a hopeless romantic who fell for someone I wasn’t supposed to: My friends twin brother, Hunter.
It was just supposed to be a secret friends with benefits relationship to help scratch an itch we desperately needed scratched, but it became more for me until I lost him.
Only a few months have passed since the biggest mistake of my life and the man I see before me now, is not the man I fell in love with. This man is broken and hates the world, he looks at me like he hates me and refuses to touch me even though I crave it.
Now we are forced to pretend like nothing happened as we hang out with friends even though it kills me. We are forced to work side by side in a disability center and with each passing day, it becomes harder to keep my distance. But as time goes on, I start to see glimpses of the boy I left behind and I start to think that maybe this time, I can stay, that we can actually have a future.

“Because you want more. You want the sex, the touch, and kissing, the dirty whispered words. But you also want the dates, love letters, and the happily ever after.”


If you’ve been reading this series, then you know that Hunter has completely spiraled out of control. He’s hurt those who care about him and really has hurt himself, but you never knew what all went down for him. This story is his redemption and really gives the full picture and makes you fall in love with him.

Harper and Hunter are attracted to each other the moment they meet and there is connection between the two of them. Even after time passes and there was pain and heartbreak you can still see how much these two care about each other and that there is still a ton of chemistry between the two of them. These two are perfect for each other though and I absolutely adore the two of them.

I loved getting to see the past when it came to Harper and Hunter’s relationship to see how things started and how the ended up where they are in the present.

I adore this series and the group of friends. They have proven time and time again that they will be there for each other and support each other no matter what.

If you’re looking for a friends brother, secret relationship, friends to lovers to enemies to lovers, second chance romance check this one out.