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REVIEW – Evil Enemy by Elle Thorpe


A male/female romance set in the Saint View world. No prior knowledge of the world is needed to start this hot new series.

I’m the ruling queen of Saint View Strip. After growing up poor, taking my clothes off and dancing for men is all I know. My thriving club and the people I employ are everything. They’re my ride or die, and I’m theirs.

Nobody is taking them away from me.

So when a local politician announces plans to bulldoze everything I’ve spent the last ten years working for, I won’t be silenced.

Not by some suit.

And not by the cops.

Joshua Boston can arrest me all he wants. He can come at me with strong arms and piercing eyes that make my insides tingle. He can push me up against the wall and cuff me all day long.

I’ll still hate him.

I’ll still want him.

In this town of gangs, shootings, and dangers around every corner, no one is safe. I’m no damsel in distress, but when a violent threat ups the stakes, it’s Boston I’m forced to turn to.

We may hate each other, but the real enemy is the one neither of us will see coming.

Evil Enemy is a dark romance that may have triggers for some readers. It was first published in the Hate to Want You Anthology.

You can lie to yourself all you want, but the chemistry between you and that cop? Freaking sizzling.


Returning to Saint View is like a warm hug that you never want to end. This town is fall of all sorts of shady things BUT it is so addicting.

Eve is the owner of Saint View Strip Club. She is a hardworking woman and she isn’t about to let anyone just close her business or destroy the town. Her club is her baby and the people who were there are her family. She is truly a mother hen to them all. Boston is a cop (if you’ve read the Saint View Prison series you may remember him). He is protective, he is a caring, and the man is fire. I loved the banter and the chemistry between Eve and Boston throughout the story.

The spice, the chemistry, the suspense! This book has so many things that I absolutely love and I completely devoured it from start to finish. Though, now I need book 2 ASAP because that ending!?

There is some overlap with the Saint View Prison series, but it is interesting seeing some of those events play out from a completely different POV. If you haven’t read that series, YOU MUST!

If you’re looking for a dark, enemies to lovers, opposites attract, romantic suspense check this one out.