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REVIEW – Tall, Dark, and Dirty by A.M. Hargrove


They say dreams don’t come true.
In my case they did.
After I finished my FBI training in Quantico, I landed back in my hometown of Atlanta, working undercover.
It was what I’d dreamed of since I was a kid.
I’d found my one and only true love – a.k.a. work — and was perfectly content.
Until an old friend, my best friend from fifteen years ago, came barging back into my life.
Except now, Landry Baines wasn’t a scrawny teenager.
He was a taller, more muscular version of his old self.
Cue, the drool.
And the sleeping ovaries snapping to attention.
That’s how I ended up breaking my no-sleeping-with-men-on-the-first-date rule.
What was I thinking?
Clearly, it had been sex.
Now, I was so screwed.
Landry wanted in… and more.
He wanted control and I wasn’t giving that up for anyone.
That’s how this Tall, Dark, and Dirty man ended up becoming my enemy.

Tall, Dark, and Dirty is the third book in the Baines Family Novels. It is a complete stand-alone with an HEA. If you like your books with spicy bedroom scenes, some comic relief, and fun banter, then grab this one today!

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But I would never bow down to any man, including Landry Baines.


Landry and Shiloh were best friends as kids. However, they lost contact and now years have passed by and their paths have crossed again. From the moment they reconnect there is instant chemistry and these two are heating things up.

Can I just say that I am in love with Shiloh!? From a young age she knew she wanted to work undercover and I love that years and years later she is working her dream job and she is pretty good at it. I may be seriously girl crushing on her. Landry….he took a little longer for me to enjoy, but eventually I began to fall for him. He is stubborn, frustrating, and protective when it comes to Shiloh.

With Shiloh’s job as an undercover FBI agent dealing the human trafficking I was really hoping that there would be more suspense and drama when it came to that aspect of this story, because I loved it and I just wanted more of it.

If you’re looking for a friends to lovers, forced proximity, brothers best friend romance check this one out.