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REVIEW – Yours Cruelly by Winter Renshaw


The message said, “Remember me?” But the sender was someone I’d rather forget.

Alec Mansfield haunted my memories like a cruel specter. In high school, he was my tormentor and the bane of my existence. When he wasn’t defying authority alongside my older brothers, he was sabotaging my dates and sending me “anonymous” emails signed “yours cruelly.”

Alec was merciless, an emerald-eyed devil spending his daddy’s money and wreaking havoc over our hometown of Sapphire Shores like he owned the place. But mostly, he hated that I didn’t fawn over him like all the other girls did.

It’s been ten years since he left town.

But now he’s back, working as an ER doctor at the local hospital, and in a strange twist of fate, we match on a dating app. I agree to meet up, but only because I want to tell him off for making my life a living hell all those years ago. But four cocktails, one tequila shot, and a shared Uber later, I find myself about to have scorching-hot hate sex with my sworn nemesis.

The next morning, I leave before the sun comes up, slamming the book on that chapter of my life forever.

Except a few weeks later, I discover our story has an epilogue—one that starts with two pink lines on a pregnancy test.

Turns out there are things more life-altering than hooking up with Alec Mansfield … like having his baby.

NOTE: This is a complete standalone that can be read without reading HATE MAIL first, though it’s strongly recommended if you want to avoid spoilers.

Once upon a time, we warred with words and silence. Tonight, however, our bodies are doing all the talking.


Stassi and Alec have a history and it isn’t a good one. She grew up around Alec, since he was her twin brothers best friend growing up until he suddenly left town and hasn’t returned  for years, but now he is back and they just so happen to see each other again.

There is definitely a connection between Stassi and Alec from the start, however, there is also the past that they share. If Alec wants more with her, she isn’t going to make it easy on him and he has a lot to make up when it comes to Stassi and her brothers.

I enjoyed this story and I love Stassi and Alec, but I felt at times she really went on too much about the past and when it come to her brothers…I wasn’t a fan. Especially after Alec told them how he really feels for Stassi. It just kind of made their entire friendship seem super one-sided, but I get that they are also protective of their sister.

If you’re looking for a brothers best friend, surprise pregnancy, enemies to lovers, small town romance check this one out.