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REVIEW – Your Echo by Vi Summers


—The cruelest second chance at love.—

My soul shattered the day I left the city for a quieter life.

Gatlin Falls promised anonymity. A place where I could be just the new girl, not the broken girl.

I tried so hard to keep my head down and my walls up.

But the thing about small towns is that eventually someone gets too close and feelings come into play.

Dormant feelings.

Ones I fought so hard to keep at bay.

Cue, Banks Gatlin. The third brother of six and frustratingly persistent.

The one that kissed me without an introduction.

The one that had my heart skipping and wracked with guilt every time he smiled.

And the one that received his second chance at life the day my first love lost his.

Your Echo is book one in the Gatlin Brothers series—a steamy, small-town romance series featuring six brothers.
Intended for readers 18+. *Tr!gger warning—self h4rm.

“As forbidden as you are, you’re my favorite kind of temptation, Simone.”


This book gutted me. The raw emotions in the book get to you, but also the hope and healing this book has throughout the pages.

Simone’s life changed two years ago and now she is determined to have a fresh start in a new place, but the pain of the past still haunts her and she struggles daily. Banks was given a second chance at life and he truly lives it to the fullest. While Simone is the grump to Banks sunshine, these two also have a connection on a deeper level.

I really loved these two characters. From their very first meeting to every single interaction they had after that. I love Banks caring soul and heart. I love that from the start you can feel he truly cares about Simone and wants to be someone she can lean on for support, but is never pushy about it. Simone, I love her. My heart broke for her, but while she may feel broken and struggle at times she is strong.

Make sure you check the warnings with this one. It does deal with tropics that may be difficult for some.

If you’re looking for a small town, grumpy/sunshine, second chance with a twist this is one to check out.