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REVIEW – Neutral Zone by Teagan Hunter


To my fans, I’m known as Ivan Fitzgerald.
To my teammates, I’m just Fitz.
And to the girl I’ve been talking to online, I’m ShootsAndScores.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the woman on the other side of the screen is completely out of my league. Why wouldn’t she be? Sure, I’m a professional hockey player, but that doesn’t mean anything when I’m shy and awkward in the most basic social situations and she’s a fiery vixen who oozes sex appeal.

No matter how badly I want her, I can’t have her. Because the woman I love watching so much? The one I might be slowly falling for?

She’s not just some stranger on the internet. It’s Rosie, the woman who serves me coffee and donuts every morning.

And she has no clue it’s me.

NEUTRAL ZONE is a standalone sports romance novel. It features a hot, toothless hockey player, a curvy woman who is confident in her body, lots of fun banter, and STEAM!

“I always knew there was a secret naughty streak behind your cute toothless smile.”


Fitz and Rosie have mutual friends in common, she also happens to work at Scout’s donut truck that Fitz visits frequently. The two of them are both crushing on the other, yet neither has made a mood and shown that they may be interested in something more.

I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH! Both are awkward in  a way, which is adorable. I love how Rosie has found herself and confidence after her past and that being a cam girl has given that to her. Fitz, he is a voyeur, and that has caused some issues in the past. However, he found Rosie and recognized her from the start, even if her identity was hidden. This only added to his crush.

The chemistry between these two was off the charts. This book was unexpectedly spicy and I was loving every single moment of it. Fitz, the man has his moments, but behind closed doors….phew the man was bring the heat. Rosie was perfect for him in every single way. Though, there are some insecurities that the two of them have to work through.

Fitz and Carl……I can’t even begin to describe how much I love it. It just makes me love Fitz so much more.

I loved getting to see more of the previous couples and Comets and the little surprise at the end!

If you’re looking for a rom com, slow burn, sports romance check this one out.