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REVIEW – Tempted by Billie Bloom and Kendall Ryan


From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan and the up-and-coming dynamo Billie Bloom comes an all-new romance with sizzling heat, found-family and what it means to truly be happy.

Being trapped all winter in a remote Alaskan off-grid town sounds horrible, until you meet the lumber-hunks that offer to share their space with us.

You wouldn’t suspect a group of L.A. women are capable of hacking it here, but you’d be wrong.

Turns out, we have just what this group of former military operatives need in life, and it’s so much more than any of them want to admit. 

“Ooh la. Gray sweatpants,” I say suggestively, pumping my eyebrows up and down. His face twists again in confusion. Maybe the whole gray sweatpants thing isn’t well known in a remote town of a hundred people.


A remote Alaskan town, a grumpy former military man turned lumberjack, a sunshine woman from LA = Tempted.

The moment Jameson and Jolie meet there is a connection and an attraction between them. Their first meeting was not your typical one and it was enjoyable. I loved seeing them explore their relationship and see it grow over their short time together.

I loved all the guys, they were just a great group and you can feel the strong bond and connection they all have. Plus, all the women. I love that is an all female film crew and they can actually do a pretty great job at handling themselves in the Alaskan wilderness.

Seriously, this town though….I mean it is full of a bunch of former military men, how could you not want to at least visit there!?!

If you’re looking for a military, forced proximity, grumpy/sunshine romance check this one out.