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REVIEW – Soldier for the Starling by Breanna Lynn


My number one objective should be protecting her…instead I’m fighting not to kiss her.


First rule of protection detail. Don’t get too attached. Too bad I’ve already broken that rule—danger is closing in as fast as I’m falling for her.

I need to focus on keeping her safe, but with her honey colored eyes haunting my dreams, all I can think about is touching her, kissing her, worshipping her.

As former military, I’ve fought every type of unseen enemy. So why can’t I fight the fantasies about the beautiful woman I’m charged with protecting?


Nearly five years ago, I ran from my life. And I’ve been hiding ever since. But I can’t hide from how he makes me feel.

Sawyer King has appointed himself my protector. He’ll save me from my past.

Relying on Sawyer to protect me is easier than being vulnerable with him. And falling for him? It’s out of the question—even if his kisses have me wishing for more.

I don’t want to see him get hurt because he’s protecting me. He’s just too stubborn to let me go.

I’m not sure if I can trust him with my life or my heart. My greatest fear though, is that I’ll put him into the very danger I’ve been running from…

Soldier for the Starling is the first book in the romantic suspense series, SAFE Haven Security. Because there may be safety in the light, but security is found in the darkness.

And for the first time in a long time, I don’t think about how I’m damaged. I don’t think about my past. My only thought is him.


Evie fled her old life and changed her identity years ago, but the past always has a way of finding you. Sawyer is a protector and someone who knows about Evie’s passed. These two have a connection that neither of them have acted on, minus one kiss two years ago. However, Sawyer will do anything to keep Evie safe.

I loved these two from the start. My heart broke for Evie and the things she went through just trying to live her dream, but I loved seeing how her confidence grew throughout the course of this book. I love how protective Sawyer is of those he cares about, Evie included. He’s caring and fierce from the start. Plus, the chemistry between these two was melting the Alaskan snow.

I haven’t read previous books from the author, so the secondary characters were new to me, but I’m intrigued by them and will be going back and checking out their stories.

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense, bodyguard romance check this one out.