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REVIEW – Forget Me by Claire Raye


Forget Me is book one of Max and Harper’s duet and book five in the Badger Creek Duet Series. A two-part, slow-burn, single parent, new adult romance. Forget Me must be read before Forget Me Not in order to enjoy the full story.

Picturesque Badger Creek is exactly where Harper Neely wants to start over. With her four year old daughter in tow, she’s determined to make a new life for them both. But her past is always in the back of her mind.

And then there’s Max Holden. He’s Badger Creek’s most eligible bachelor, handsome and hardworking, but no girl has caught his eye. That is until Harper shows up, mysterious and new to the quaint little ski village, she’s all Max can think about.

But Harper’s past keeps her guarded and when she finally lets Max in, their bond is severed in the most unexpected way.

I don’t think I’ve ever kissed someone this slowly before, but it feels intoxicating.


Badger’s Creek bachelor EMT Max fell hard and fast for Harper and Sammie. The second he laid eyes on them he was a goner. Harper was a little more guarded when it came to a relationship and really any help when it came to her life and Sammie. However, she couldn’t deny the chemistry that she had with Max.

Harper hasn’t had an easy life, but she gets a fresh start for her and Sammie. She finds something she never thought she would in Badger Creek. I love her strength, she is caring, and she is protective. She’s learning to let go and let people in. Max…he’s a big softie and I love everything about him. I love how he is with Sammie and how protective he is. The man just makes you swoon.

The bromance….I am here for it. Plus, I love the girl gang, too.

Sammie is a little scene stealer. She’s a sassy little girl and its no wonder that she quickly won over the heart of Max and the rest of Badger Creek.

I knew this would have cliffhanger that would destroy me and this definitely did. I am DYING to see what happens next for Max, Harper, and Sammie in book two.

Also Swedish fish > twizzlers

If you’re looking for a single mom, small town, slow burn check this one out.