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REVIEW – Kissing a Writer by Shani Haim


Love at first sight. That’s what Noah and I had.
Our college romance survived even when I transferred to study in Paris. He thought I’d come home after that.
Only I didn’t.
The worst part was that I couldn’t tell him why. Not when my sister begged me to keep her issues private. My silence made him think I didn’t value our relationship.
After that, there was no us.
During our years apart, I watched every movie, read every book Noah wrote. All of them were about us.
None of them ended happily.
Now though, he wants that to change. See, Noah wants to rewrite his script, and he wants me to co-author the kind of ending we didn’t get in his manuscript and in real life.
I want it, too…but when I can’t tell him the truth, what will keep us from breaking up again?
We’re so close to our second chance at happily ever after.
And this time, I don’t intend to let us go without a fight…

Kissing a Writer, book 1 in The Writer series, is a second chance, emotional and sexy emotional contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone. They start as star-crossed lovers who will break your heart, only to mend it back together when these soulmates find their happy ending.

And when his lips curved up to the side showing a flash of his teeth, I knew I was doomed.


Noah and Alda’s story was an emotional and beautiful story.

They have had years apart, but now they are crossing paths again. There is a lot of pain and heartbreak between them and plenty more that was left unsaid. The chemistry between them never seemed to fade throughout it all.

I adored these two characters so much. There is so much going on between them, but they both deserved their second chance together and it was beautiful to see them work through everything in the past. They just had me feeling all of them emotions from the start.

If you’re looking for a second chance romance this is one to check out.