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REVIEW – Dexterity by Charlene Namdhari


Must be read after Book 1

TW/Please note:
*Please read the author’s note and trigger warnings at the beginning of the book
*This is an extremely large age gap

‘The dexterous touch upon a hurting heart would heal a broken soul’

The first time my father took me to hell, I feared the dark
The next time, I left my soul there
Now, my scars run deeper than the ocean floor
Through the darkness, came light
Tall, enigmatic, older
Through the fear, came love
Seductive, soothing, sensual
Through the pain, came triumph
Redeeming, embracing, liberating
Xavier Sinclair stole the air to my lungs for just a moment before he gave me a lifetime to breathe

“I won’t ask for your trust, just your calm. Feel my heartbeat, love. Listen to my voice.”

I might be beautifully broken, yet in my heart, I knew he’d be the one to heal me.


This book left me speechless and in tears, but also full of hope.

Cinder/Mikaela…My heart broke for her. The things she endured growing up are absolutely heartbreaking. However, her strength and her determination are inspiring. From the start of the story to the end is beautiful to see who she has become. Xavier, the man is addictive and you can’t help but be drawn to him. He is protective of those he cares about from his family to those who work for him, but especially Mikaela.

The moment these two connected there was something between them. They have chemistry and there is a slow, slow burn leading up to more when it comes to them. I’m glad it was this way, especially when it comes to Mikaela’s past and Xavier’s own struggles. It works for them and it felt like a natural progression in their overall story.

While full of darkness, pain, and heartbreak this story is also beautiful and full of hope and love. Their love story isn’t a conventional one, but for these characters it is fitting for them.

This story is best to read after book one, Duality, to fully follow the story. Please read the trigger warnings before starting this one, there are things in this that may be difficult for some to read.

If you’re looking for a dark, age gap, slow burn, erotic romance check this one out.