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REVIEW – Good as Gold by Sarina Bowen


A swoony, heart-wrenching small-town romance .

What I meant to do: Quietly divorce my lout of a husband and then have a child all on my own.
What happens instead: My crush comes back to town when I’m at my most vulnerable. After too many cocktails, I ask him to be my baby’s father.
In my defense, it’s been a rough couple of months. Seeing Matteo Rossi again after fourteen years has done a number on my emotions. And my libido.
In the morning, I’m hoping he’s forgotten the whole thing. But no such luck. In fact, Matteo has a few clarifying questions. And a few naughty ideas, too…

What I meant to do: visit Vermont for my brother’s wedding. Make amends to my family, and mourn the loss of a friend.
What happens instead: a hot affair with the one who got away. But it can’t last. My life is two thousand miles away, and Leila deserves everything. She’s as good as gold.

Matteo gave me something valuable—lemonade from lemons. Hot kisses and guiltless fun after a year that hurt us both.


Leila and Matteo were friends growing up, but Matteo left and really hasn’t been back for years. The past year has been rough on the two of them and both are in new stages of their lives. There is a connection between them from the start and strong chemistry.

I absolutely loved these two characters from the start. I love Leila’s strength and determination. I love that she isn’t afraid to go after what she truly wants and what she knows will make her happy in life, even if it wasn’t how she originally planned things. Matteo, you can’t help but love him. He is loving and caring and protective. He is a little lost at this point in his life. Leila and Matteo are in each other’s lives again when they both needed it most and I love that they can truly help each other heal.

I LOVE the True North world and I love being back in it with this book. I hope there is more to come in the future because I never want to leave it.

If you’re looking for a small town, friends to lovers, second chanceish romance check this one out.