REVIEW ➼ Untold Love by Carolyn Pentecost


After the death of her uncle, Megan Baker heads back to her hometown of black river falls to help out her aunt. Megan being an independent, career driven woman never gave men or dating the time of day. That is, until she met the sweet, witty, and handsome James Evans. When things begin to escalate with their relationship Megan starts to notice the strange things happening around her. Flowers showing up in her bedroom, text messages from an unknown number, and more than one unexplained death all revolving around Megan. Only then does she uncover the truth about her past and what led to this unknown person being obsessed with her. Will Megan find out who’s stalking her? Or is it already far too late?

I’m going somewhere where no one can find me. I’m going to feel safe again.


I LOVED book one in this series, which is where Megan was first introduced. She was returned back to Black River Falls after the sudden loss of her uncle and her family’s bakery. Now that she is back in town, she wants to rebuild it, only someone else has other plans for Megan.

I felt for Megan. She lost both of her parents tragically as a baby, her town is plagued is mystery and now she lost her uncle who raised her and the bakery where she grew up. The one good thing is she still had her aunt who also raised her. Things are good when she returns to town, she meets someone, they go on dates, then the texts start coming, the mysterious flowers start showing up. The question is who is this mystery person?

I was completely sucked into the story. I wanted to know who unknown was, why were they so infatuated with Megan and just what on earth is going on in the crazy town of Black River Falls. This was intense and as the story unfolded became even more intense right up until the very end and then I had to pick my jaw right off the floor because I need more answers!!

Untold Love is full of suspense, drama, some romance and LOADS of secrets. A MUST READ and I can’t wait to get some answer in book three!


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