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REVIEW – Favorite Mistake by Lisa Suzanne


The boy next door isn’t next door anymore.

He’s in Vegas, preparing for the upcoming NFL season, and I’m still stuck in the small Midwestern town where we grew up.

We should be together, but people wanted us apart. They won. Secrets are uncovered and lives are forever torn apart.

Maybe it was a mistake to try to recapture what we once had after everything we’d been through.

But of all the mistakes I made in my life, he was my favorite, and I will never stop fighting for us.

After seven long years apart, seven years of heartbreak and darkness, the sun is shining once again. There are rainbows of hope in an endless sky.


I’m sad this is the end of Tessa and Tristian’s story. These two have gone through a lot over the years, both together and individually. There have been secrets shared, things that could potentially ruin everything between the two of them, but will be the strong enough to get through it all together?

I absolutely loved these two. The conclusion to their story tugged on my heartstrings and made me feel all the emotions, but it was completely worth it. Their love and connection to each other is strong and unbreakable. They aren’t going to let anything come between the two of them.

This entire was fantastic and addictive. I can’t wait to return to this world.

If you’re looking for a second chance, sports romance check this book and series out!