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REVIEW – Falling for My Roommate by Georgia Coffman


They say what happens in Vegas, stays there. Unfortunately for me, I live here now, thanks to a spontaneous deal I made with a friend over drinks and desperation.

I can’t escape the sins of this city, and I certainly can’t undo sleeping with that same friend, who’s also my new roommate.

I blame him for that and the rest of the poor decisions I’ve made lately.

It all started when Mason invited me to his male revue show. I showed up because I needed a fun night out more than a margarita needs tequila.

But what I got was so much more than I bargained for.

Wavy, tousled hair.

Devilish eyes.

And the mother of all fantasies: abs. So many chiseled, mouthwatering abs winking at me.

On stage, Mason was nothing like the guy I’d come to know, and I enjoyed his unwavering attention on me a little more than I should have.

I hadn’t been looked at like that in a while—or ever. How could I resist him?

It was pure bliss being on the receiving end of his moves in private for a change.

If only his talents were enough to ignore his history of hookups and one-night stands. There’s no way he could want anything lasting with me when he has his pick of Sin City.

And he’ll definitely have to choose because I’m totally falling for my roommate.

Tarryn’s my friend, but right now, she’s looking at me—and only me—like she wants to eat me.


Mason is offered a new job, but that also means moving to  a new town. Tarryn needs a change and decides to move, too. Naturally they end up as roommates. Since the move Mason has changed and Tarryn isn’t the biggest fan of who has become. However, there is still an attraction between the two of them.

I loved the banter and the friendship between Tarryn and Mason. You can tell that these two are comfortable around each other. Tarryn definitely isn’t afraid to call Mason out on his BS and I was all for that. The chemistry between them is off the charts when they finally cross the line.

If you’re looking for a friends to lovers, roommate romance this is one to check out.