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REVIEW – Worth the Ride by Shannon Davis


Mary Beth Patterson was a little girl, she has been passionate about two things: being a vet and barrel racing. Working alongside her dad as a veterinarian at their animal clinic is a dream come true. Unfortunately, her rodeo dreams have been put on hold while she recovers from a serious injury. With a demanding work schedule and an ailing mother, Mary Beth has no desire—or time—for romance. Especially since her heart has been broken…twice. Adamant she doesn’t need a man to be happy, Mary Beth’s world is shaken when both heartbreakers walk back into her life on the very same day and make her reconsider the possibility of happily ever after.

A five-time national steer roping champion, Colton Williams is a rodeo legend. But life doesn’t always give you a choice, and sometimes a cowboy must hang up his rope and walk away from his dreams as well as his rodeo sweetheart. Now, a highly reputable bounty hunter, Colton is content chasing fugitives all over the country—until his latest assignment brings him to the hometown of the only girl he ever loved. A chance encounter sparks hope, causing Colton to rethink his career…and his destiny.

Determined to move beyond the memories of all he’s lost, Nathan Baxter returns to the area he considers home. With an outlandish story of why his family left town, Nathan hopes to make up for lost time. But mysterious motives threaten new plans as old wounds resurface.

Will haunting secrets of the past shatter everyone’s dreams for the future? Will the chaos of catching a criminal, mending broken hearts, and learning to trust again leave any room for love? Will an adrenaline-filled, emotional roller coaster be worth the ride?

Mary Beth Patterson was my drug. My want. My need. She’d become my new addiction.


Colton and Mary Beth knew each other years ago when they both did the Rodeo circuit together. They were close friends then, but never crossed the line. Colton left and Mary Beth continued, until an accident sidelined her. Now years later their paths cross unexpectedly…

From the moment Colton and Mary Beth run into each other there is a connection between them. They instantly reconnected and the friendship they once had began again, however, now they are both single things can progress to something more. However, the past and secrets have a way of coming back and that could change everything.

I loved seeing Mary Beth and Colton reconnect throughout this story. Colton has a lot in his past, but I love that he was able to open up to Mary Beth about it. I loved the added little bit of suspense that this story had mixed in to it. It kept me intrigued and turning the page because I had to know what would happen next.

If you’re looking for a small town, second chance with a little suspense check this one out.