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REVIEW – Body Check by Teagan Hunter


I have two goals this
1. Be named captain of the Seattle Serpents.
2. Stay single.

I’m right on track…until she happens.

Auden Sinclair.

We’re stuck together for a night when our plane is forced to make an emergency landing, and that’s all the promise we make—one night, then we go our separate ways.

Except she pops up again.
Then again.

Suddenly, she’s everywhere. In my head and in my bed, completely taking over my life and ruining all my plans with her quippy comebacks, her smarts, and a body that fits against mine just perfectly.

The problem? Auden is off limits. Forbidden. Strictly in the DO NOT TOUCH zone. She goes against all the rules, but never have I wanted to bend them as badly as I do when it comes to her.

This might be one battle I’m not going to win…

BODY CHECK is a standalone hockey romance novel. It contains a one-night stand, a billionaire heroine, a hot hockey player, obnoxious yet loveable teammates, goofy text threads, wit, plenty of steam, and a happy ending. This book does reference the death of a parent off the page.

I love happy Hutch. Hell, I love grumpy Hutch too. Aw, screw it. I just plain love Hutch.


Hutch and Auden are perfection. From the very first interaction I fell for these two.

Auden is kind of a BA. She’s a billionaire hotel owner, who built her business herself. She is hard working and determined. I loved everything about her and she’s someone you instantly want to be friends with. Hutch…well he’s a grump that you can’t help but love and the man also has a mouth on him.

I love the instant connection and the insane amounts of chemistry between these two. Sparks were flying and the fact that they couldn’t stay way from each other from the very start. Their feelings seamlessly shifted from just having fun and hooking up to something so much more for the both of them.

Can we just talk about the team texts?! Those had me DYING! From the very first one I knew I would love these guys and I fell for them even more as the book went out. I am so excited to see them all fall.

If you’re looking for a grumpy/sunshine, billionaire, sports romance check this one out.