REVIEW : Boss of Me by Tia Louise

They warned me not to take this job. 
They said you were ruthless, impossible to please… 
I said I was better than them.
I wouldn’t fall for your charm, your arrogance, or how sexy you fill out that suit. 
I wouldn’t fall for your deep brown eyes or the way that muscle moves in your square jaw when you’re pissed.

I said I could resist you.
I was wrong… 

All I can think is if this is wrong, if he’s the devil, then take me to hell. I’ll go willingly.


Patton Fletcher is the devil, but he’s also the boss. When Raquel (aka Rocky) starts her new job she is warned to stay away from her boss, but what happens when the devil lures her in?

I LOVED every single moment of this book. There was so much more to this book than it just being an office romance. Patton comes from a military background, but after things went south he took over his fathers company. He runs things a certain way and he feels responsible for his brothers.  Raquel graduated top of her class, reading to start her life in corporate America. She wants to be there for his sister, wants to make sure her sister is okay.

I loved the chemistry between Patton and Raquel. There was an instant connection with those two and it just continued to grow and grow. Patton is an intense man and he seemed a little lost when it came to his feelings. I loved that Raquel tried to listen to the warnings, tried to ignore and fight the attraction she had for Patton.

Boss of Me is full of steam, romance and emotion. This isn’t your average office romance, there is a lot of depth to the story and to the characters that will draw you into their lives and to their stories and for the secondary characters will leave you wanting to know more about them.

Boss of Me is a MUST READ and definitely one of my favorites for 2019.


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