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REVIEW – Unholy Sins by Elle Thorpe


“Bless me Father for I have sinned….and I don’t think I care.”
Each Sunday morning, I stand in robes at an altar and preach about being good and moral.

But when night falls, I take justice into my own hands, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Ending the lives of men who never deserved to step foot inside my church.

Until I meet her.

Lyric. A single mom and stripper from the wrong side of the tracks.

She’s everything I swore not to touch.

She’s everything the predator inside me craves.

The things we do together are sinful, but neither of us can stop. Each encounter stoking the fire inside me, just begging to get out and expose my secrets to the world.

Maybe I want to burn it all for her.

Unholy Sins is a standalone forbidden romance. This book contains a happily ever after and no cliff-hanger for the main couple. Please note this is dark romance with scenes that may be triggering for some readers.

Zepherin and I would only end in a hail of disaster.


A priest and a stripper…..who knew these two would be a perfect match.

From the start Lyric and Zeph had a connection, though it was forbidden, they couldn’t deny the flame that was burning between them. I absolutely loved the two of them. Lyric is a BA, single mom who is working hard to make sure her daughter has everything in life and is the happiest little girl ever. Zeph is a priest, who has a dark side to him. I loved him and that fact that he wants to help and protect people.

I love the little easter eggs of previous Saint View characters that pop up randomly throughout this. I absolutely am in love with Saint View even if it may be one wild place to live, I would move there in a heartbeat. Have you met it’s male residents!?!

I can’t wait for more of this series, especially with how this book ended……I need book 3 ASAP!

If you’re looking for a forbidden, dark, single mom, romantic suspense check this one out.