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REVIEW – The Guardian and The Escort by Fiona Cole


My friend entrusted me to watch over his daughter after he passed away.

I tried, but I didn’t know the first thing about raising a sixteen-year-old girl. So, I kept my distance and supported her from afar.

Six years later, she’s back with her sights set on taking over her father’s escort business, and it doesn’t take long until she wants me too.

I may not have known what to do with her before, but the woman I find strutting naked from my pool is no longer a girl. And even though I may be her guardian, I know exactly what to do with her now. 

“Being with you was like stumbling upon something I never thought I’d find. Corbin, you’re a dream I didn’t even dare imagine having.”


Corbin became Rose’s guardian when she was 16, however, since then she has been away in school. Now, she is 22 and back in his home.

Corbin and Rose are both looking for something in life, but neither of them have found that. With the chemistry that the have it may very well be with each other. The one issue is that Corbin is her guardian. The one person her father trusted her with once he passed. He can’t cross those lines, but Rose is way too tempting. Their chemistry and connection are off the charts and this is a spicy little story.

I do wish that this was longer. I wanted more of these two and want to see how things are in the future for them!

If you’re looking for an age gap, forbidden, spicy, novella check this one out.