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REVIEW – Roughing the Kicker by Emily Silver


He’s my best friend.
He’s a pro football player.
He’s famous.
I’m just the girl next door.

And I’ve been in love with him since I was 13.
He doesn’t know.
He can never know.
But will I be able to hide my feelings when I move in with him?

Jackson Fields. Denver’s star kicker. My best friend since 9th grade.

When an injury sidelines him, I step up. Living with him will be easy. I can hide my feelings long enough to take care of him. Piece of cake.

Except he depends on me for everything. Every touch, every move he makes has butterflies swarming my stomach. I can’t fall for him. Because he’s my friend. And he doesn’t see me as anything else.

But when his situation changes, and he sees me in a new light? Am I willing to risk everything to see if we’ll be good together? Or will we always be destined to be just friends?

What’s a girl to do?

Roughing the Kicker is the first book in a new sports romance series. No cheating, no cliffhanger and an HEA guaranteed!

My heart is Jackson’s for the taking, and I can only hope he guards it with his life.


Tenley has been crushing on her neighbor and best friend Jackson since her teen years. However, he never saw her as more than a best friend.

I loved the friendship between Tenley and Jackson. These two would do anything for each other and it showed. Especially when Jackson becomes injured and needs someone to take care of him. They have such an obvious connection and everything just felt so natural when it came to their relationship.

I don’t know how Jackson was in a thirteen year relationship, cause they were obvious not a match and it took him way too long to come to his senses about all that and to really open his eyes. BUT he finally does and things go from zero to 60 and everything really starts to heat up between Tenley and Jackson.

If you’re looking for a friends to lovers, forced proximity, sports romance this is one to check out.