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REVIEW – Rocked by Love by Melissa Foster


What happens when a rock star with no plans of settling down finds out he has a teenage daughter, his manager is embezzling from him, and the woman he’s hired to design his tour wardrobe is breathing fire? Come along for the snarky, emotional, and insanely sexy ride as Jillian and Johnny get caught up in a storm that just might be bigger than both of them.  

Jillian Braden’s quick, creative thinking and fierce determination have helped her singlehandedly build a fashion empire. She doesn’t mince words and demands respect, but beneath all that armor, she carries the Braden curse of a soft heart. But that soft heart isn’t looking to start a family and doesn’t know the first thing about mollycoddling. When famed rock star Johnny Bad hires her to design his tour wardrobe and then postpones it at the last minute for the third time, she’s had enough. Jillian is determined to set him straight, but she isn’t at all prepared for what she finds or for the type of help Johnny Bad really needs.

“Be careful, Rocker Boy. A girl could fall for a guy like you.”


Jillian is a fashion designer. She lives and breathes her career. Johnny is a rockstar. He loves his band and his career. Jillian is not a fan of Johnny, especially when she is hired to design his tour clothes and everything is continually cancelled or delayed. She’s had enough and finally confronts the man, however, this lead her to something neither expected.

Johnny is going through a lot in his personal life, the biggest finding out he is a father to a 14 year old daughter, Zoey. He is struggling how to handle the situation and his daughter isn’t his biggest fan. Enter Jillian, the buffer between the two.

The chemistry between Johnny and Jillian is off the charts, even when they disliked each other you could just feel the tension and watching it simmer beneath the surface. Their banter is fantastic. When they finally give into the attraction between them the sparks are flying and the spice level is fantastic. I also loved seeing Johnny and Zoey’s relationship grow as their navigate through the changes in both their lives, plus the relationship that Zoey and Jillian formed was fantastic.

I’m going to need Kane’s story ASAP, because I already love that man.

If you’re looking for a rockstar, single dad, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow burn this is one to check out.