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REVIEW – Love Like No Other by Jenna Hartley


I’m secretly falling for Penny, but she has no idea who I really am.

She came to my small town to get married and to be closer to her idol—her fellow romance author, Meghan Hart.

But when Penny’s fiancé left her at the altar, she needed an escape. One I was more than willing to provide.

It was supposed to be for one night, but it turned into something more.

The problem?

I’m Meghan Hart.

Now I have to decide whether to trust Penny with my secret or let her go for good.

She was a dichotomy. A puzzle. And I wanted more time to study her. To get to know the pieces of Penny.


Hidden identities, romance authors, a jilted bride, and a picturesque small town. Love Like No Other has it all and so much more.

Liam and Penny cross paths the first time by chance. That very first meeting there was a spark between them. It was just suppose to be one night, a rebound, and they would both move on with their lives. However, things don’t always work out how they are planned.

I LOVED Penny. I loved seeing her growth throughout the course of this story. Though there was a brief time where I wanted to knock some sense into her. She was a romantic at heart and really just wanted happiness, not what was expected of her from her family. Liam…how can you not love him? He is sweet, caring, hot, and supportive.

The chemistry between Penny and Liam is off the charts from the moment they meet and just continues to grow and grow as the story progresses. The love and support they have for each other is amazing and not just in their personal relationship, but also in their professional relationship.

I love the AV and I can’t wait to return back to this small charming town and these wonderful characters.

If you’re looking for a small town romance this is one to check out.