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REVIEW – Flyball by Lisa Suzanne


Fighting against our relationship turns into keeping it a secret…most importantly from her father.

At first it’s fun sneaking around, but then it feels like every time we’re close to coming clean, something happens to stop us.

And then life takes another detour as the reminder that life is short plows into me.

It’s moments like these that make me think long and hard about the future. For the first time, the twelve years between us start to have some meaning as I wonder whether I’m robbing her of the future she deserves.

Just like all flyballs, all this is going to come crashing down to the ground.

FLYBALL is the third book in the VEGAS HEAT: THE EXPANSION TEAM series. This series must be read in order.

She’s twelve years younger than me. She’s my best friend’s daughter. This is all wrong…but as I hold her in my arms at dawn, nothing has ever felt so right to me in all my life.


Cooper and Gabby’s story is a wild ride. These two have been through so much already and still have so much more to overcome.

I am happy that Cooper finally stopped trying to fight everything between and him and Gabby were able to build upon their relationship. Their connection just continues to grow and their relationship is getting stronger and stronger, however, there are still things that could derail everything.

I am loving these two so much! I also love all the secondary characters that have been introduced from Troy and Joanie to the members of the Heat and Cooper’s family.

I am dying for more and I need to know what happens next after the cliffhanger of an ending!

If you’re looking for an age gap, secret relationship, sports romance check this one out.