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REVIEW – Coercion by Amelia Wilde


There’s a fight to the death… and a fight for his heart.

COERCION is book three in the Controlling Interest trilogy. Find out what happens in the explosive conclusion of Will Leblanc’s emotional story.

The fact that she can stand up to me like this, with her feet planted and her jaw set, only makes it hotter that I can kiss her and hurt her and fuck her until she’s a begging wreck.


The conclusion to Will and Bristol’s story was fully of twists and turns until the very end.  

This book picks up where things left off in book two. Bristol’s twin siblings are gone and it is a rush to get the both of them back safe and sound. More and more questions come out in the beginning of this story, but slowly things are revealed and all questions are answered.

I love how far both Will and Bristol have come from the start of their trilogy to where they ended. Their connection continues to grow and they become stronger and stronger in their relationship.

I’m intrigued by Sin, even more so after this one, so I can’t wait for his story.

If you’re looking for an anti hero, alpha male, dark, enemies to lovers, workplace romance check this one out, but you’ll want to read books 1 and 2 first.