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REVIEW ➞ Worth the Wait by Shannon Davis


High school English teacher Claire Gibbs thought she’d found love but a broken heart was all she had to show for it. When her latest disappointment turns out to be a smooth-talking control freak, she swears off men. Although she couldn’t deny wanting the fairy tale—a happily ever after with Mr. Right—she was in no rush to date again.

Until she met Caleb.

Air Force officer Caleb Williams’ love life could be summed up in three words: crash and burn. All he wanted was to find a love that would stand the test of time. After a string of failed relationships with high maintenance drama queens, he gave up hope of finding someone special to share his life with and decided to fly solo.

But then he met Claire.

As fate keeps bringing them together, waiting for the right one might not take as long as they thought. Sparks ignite and passion flares as their dreams of finding true love become reality. But a possessive ex will stop at nothing to prevent their happily ever after. Will the one thing they’ve waited their whole lives for be destroyed at the hands of a killer?

Good God All Mighty. Caleb. He’s like a summer rain., I just want to breathe him in.


Worth the Wait is the perfect mix of sweet romance, great friendships and suspense.

Claire has a stalker and a crazy ex. She hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships. Caleb is in the air force and like Claire, he hasn’t had the best of luck with relationships in the past and decides he is just done dating for a while. However, when he runs into Claire and there is an instant spark between them that plan quickly changes.

I loved Claire and Caleb’s relationship from the start! There was a sweetness and easy going feeling when it came to them and everything just felt so effortless. There was an instant attraction and the more time they spend together sparks really start to fly. Caleb is protective of Claire, but not in an overbearing way. He helps her learn more techniques that she can use to protect herself. Their relationship is truly beautiful.

I wasn’t a fan of Claire’s mother and her pushing Claire constantly to be with her ex. I also was not a fan of Claire’s ex! He’s selfish and controlling and just not attractive in any way. Claire and Caleb’s group of friends was a great addition to the story. Claire’s best friend, Tina, plus Caleb’s friends, Joseph and Mike. There were so many great scenes between this group that just had wanting to join them!

Worth the Wait is book two in the Southern Fairy tale series but can 100% be read as a standalone story!

If you are looking for a sweet romance with some suspense mixed in this one is a MUST READ!