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REVIEW ➞ Wandering in Love by Andi Jaxon


I don’t know why I came home. Not really.
I’ve been on my own for ten years but something about the storm had me running once again, only this time, back to my roots.

I broke his heart the day I left. No explanation, just good bye.
There’s no way he can forgive me, not with the history we have. He was my best friend and my first love. My first everything but he deserves more than I can give him.

The stars tell me he’s mine but he doesn’t know why I left and I don’t think I can tell him.

Has fate brought me back to heal our hearts or am I destined to keep running?


Wandering in Love is a fast paced, second chance novella that brings some heat.

Ian is the town sheriff. He likes his rules. Eva is a free spirit and the only girl that Ian has ever loved. She left a decade ago, but now she is suddenly back in town. Despite the years of separation there is still so much chemistry between them.

When Ian and Eva first see each other again there is a pretty intense meeting and from there it starts a back and forth between them and even a little fun and games involving Ian’s brother. Eva doesn’t feel like she is good enough for reasons that aren’t explained until later in the story and Ian always wondered why she ran.

The road to HEA isn’t an easy one for Ian and Eva but it is a truly beautiful story and I loved every single moment of this book.