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REVIEW ➞ The Heart of Us by Kennedy Fox


What happens when you’re on the run from your psycho ex-husband and your sexy younger boss goes into hiding with you to keep you safe? You slowly remember what it’s like to fall in love and hope he feels it too.

The Heart of Us is an older woman/younger man age gap, close proximity standalone romance.

“You don’t owe anyone anything, Tatum,” Easton whispers. “You’re enough just as you are.”


Tatum is on the run from an abusive soon to be ex husband when she finds herself at Easton’s surf shop getting a job and living above the shop. Since Easton is also her boss and neighbor the two of them have formed a connection, but there is also a level of attraction between the two of them. When the past catches up though, will it change everything?

Tatum…she has been through so much and I feel for her, but I love that she realized she doesn’t need to stay in that situation and that she deserves better. However, all those years have had a major effect on her self esteem. Easton is protective, especially as he learns more about Tatum’s past, he is super sweet, caring and patient. I love the connection between Tatum and Easton and the slow progression they had. Easton never forced Tatum to rush into anything more.

 There is a tad bit of suspense mixed in but not a major focus. I loved getting little bits and pieces of Tristan and Piper throughout this story, too. This book does deal with topics that may be difficult for some to read, so please read the warning at the beginning of the book.

If you’re looking for an age gap, workplace, forced proximity romance with a dash of suspense check this one out.