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REVIEW ➞ Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher


I’m destined to become the next CEO of my family’s media empire.
The only problem? My grandfather’s inheritance clause.
Fulfilling his dying wish of getting married and having an heir seemed impossible until my assistant volunteers for the job.
Our marriage was supposed to be the perfect solution to my biggest problem.
But the more we act in love for the public, the more unsure I feel about our contract.
Caring about Iris was never part of the deal.
Especially not when breaking her heart is inevitable.

My plan to marry Declan was simple in theory.
Move in together. Throw a wedding. Have a baby.
We set rules to prevent any kind of issues.
Ones that were never meant to be broken, no matter how much Declan tempts me.
But what happens when our fake relationship bleeds into our real one?
Falling in love was never an option.
At least not for me.

“Every single kiss….is nothing but a lie.”


Declan and Iris are PERFECTION. I love Declan, I love Iris, I love their relationship. I love everything about the two of them.

Iris, I don’t know if I could love her any more than I do right now. I feel for her past and struggles, but I love that she didn’t just give up, she works hard and wants to prove to everyone that she can handle whatever challenges are thrown at her. Declan is unexpected in the best way. There are times I wanted to yell at him but there are other times that he was the sweetest person ever and I had heart eyes while reading.

The chemistry, the banter, Iris’s friendship with Cal, the swoony things that Declan does. I have no words. This is just a book that you need to read. The journey of these two characters and the growth, especially for Declan is beautiful.

If you’re looking for a workplace, marriage of convenience romance this is one to read.