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Blog Tour – The One I Want By Chelle Sloan

I shouldn’t want her. My head knows that. My heart doesn’t seem to care.

The One I Want, an all-new single dad, age gap, small town romance from bestselling author Chelle Sloan is available now!

As a professional football player, I had a playbook for everything on the field. 

Then I retired and found out there’s no playbook for life—especially when the one you thought was perfect gets flipped upside down. 

There’s no play for suddenly becoming a divorced, single dad. There’s no plan for moving your family back to the town you grew up in. 

And there is definitely not a play for falling in love with the nanny. 

I didn’t mean to. Betsy Sullivan just has that way about her.

It started with wanting to see her smile. It grew to needing to hear her laugh.

Before I knew it, her red lips and perfect curves were all I could think about. And I started to picture a life together – A perfect life together.

Except nothing is ever perfect. Nothing is how you envision it. I learned that hard lesson once already.

And if I’m not careful, I might find myself learning it again.

I shouldn’t want her. My head knows that. My heart doesn’t seem to care.

Neither does hers.

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I reach for my phone and see a text message from Wes, which immediately puts a smile on my face. It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already come to love seeing his text messages, which he sends first thing every morning. 

Wes: Do you sleep naked? 

I have to blink a few times to make sure I read that text right. He normally sends “Good morning, beautiful” or something like that. Has he already dipped into the egg nog? 

Betsy: Wow, didn’t realize we graduated to dirty texting. 

Wes: We didn’t. Though that could be fun… 

Betsy: Oh, it is. Just you wait. And Merry Christmas. 

Wes: Merry Christmas, beautiful. 

Now that’s better. 

Wes: No, the reason I asked is because the kids wanted to come over to surprise you, as in full Mission Impossible, break into your house to surprise you. Which I was all for. Then I realized that you might sleep naked, and I’m not ready to have that conversation with Hank yet.

 I laugh. They are too sweet. 

Betsy: I am fully dressed and will even pretend to be asleep for the surprise. 

Wes: Good. Because we’re in your driveway. 

I laugh and set my phone back down. I hurry and bury myself under the covers, hoping I can pull this off. I hear their little whispers and footsteps coming down the hall, and it takes all I have not to smile.

God I love these kids. Whatever happens with us and Wes, these kids have become more important to me than I ever thought imaginable. 

And now I’m even more secure in my decision to cut off my family. This is the family I want in my life. For as long as they’ll have me

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