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Blog Tour – Hate To Want You by Julia Jarrett 

She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Hate to Want You, an all-new steamy small town, medical workplace romance from bestselling author Julia Jarrett is available now!

Doctor Heidi Morgan is off limits. She’s an unwelcome reminder of the worst day of my life, and my new resident.

She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Every chance Heidi gets, she’s testing the limits of my patience and my control. It should be easy to push her away; to convince myself not to trust her, or worse, give in to the intense pull I feel whenever she’s around.

But restraint is never easy.

Her seductively sweet smile and perfect curves keep me up at night with dirty thoughts I really shouldn’t be having. With every word we exchange, every touch we share, the fire she’s ignited in me is shifting from frustration into something else. Something far more risky.

It’s starting to feel like only a matter of time before I lose control and let her into my heart. I just have to find a way not to lose myself at the same time.

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“Heidi?”There she is, looking just as beautiful as she was six years ago. And just as repulsive, given what her presence here means. Her hand lifts to push a piece of hair behind her ear, and that’s when I see the flash of a gold band on her finger. She fucking married him? That means if she’s back, he’s back. “Dr. Donnelly, there you are.”The booming voice of the director for the pediatric program at WGH, Clarence Ross, echoes down the hall. “Ah, wonderful, I see you found him, Heidi. I mean, Dr. Morgan.”He winks at Heidi as my jaw drops open. “Doctor?”I say, as if I didn’t hear him clearly, but hearing is different from comprehending, and seeing her again has apparently rattled my brain. A slight pink tint covers her cheeks. If she were anyone else, it would be cute. But all it does is turn my stomach. “Yeah, I, um, went to medical school. I’m in my final residency, and I wanted to come back to Westport General.”“That’s…Wow. That’s unbelievable.”I can hear the icy tone to my voice, at odds with how my blood is boiling at the thought of Heidi moving back to the area. Or more specifically, the man who almost destroyed my family. Thad fucking Marshall. The man I was shocked to discover was apparently the love of Heidi’s life all those years ago. I knew she had a boyfriend, but never in a million years did I think a sweet woman like her would be with a selfish, slimy asshole like him. It might be strange to have such a strong reaction to the very thought of a man who, for all intents and purposes, hasn’t played a role —directly or indirectly —in your life for years. But no one in our family will forget the night Mom was paid a visit by a police officer who told her Dad had been hit by a drunk driver and was in the hospital. It took months of rehab for him to recover, and to this day, he still walks with a limp. The long days, visiting Dad in the ICU of this very hospital, wondering when the swelling on his brain would go down, and if he’d ever be the same, left a scar on all our souls. For me, that day is burned into my memory for more than just the accident. I’ve carried an extra burden by myself for nine years. Because the day Thad Marshall decided to drive home drunk from a liquid lunch with some coworkers was also the day I found out my girlfriend at the time betrayed me. But right now, even that betrayal is overshadowed by the onslaught of memories that seeing Heidi is bringing up. She was with Thad when he weaseled his way out of taking accountability for what he did to my dad. His lawyer got him off on a technicality, never mind the fact that our family was never the same after. It’s a special kind of asshole that can show absolutely no remorse and take no responsibility for something that was completely his fault. And she was with him through it all. Which makes her just as bad as him in my eyes. Clarence is still talking, singing her praises, I’m guessing. I don’t give a fuck if she’s top of her class, I don’t want her anywhere near me. But I try to focus on what he’s saying, given the man is in charge of my paycheck. “We’re thrilled to have her back with us, hopefully to stay, if I have anything to say about it. Now, Dr. Donnelly, you’ll have to excuse us. We’ve got some paperwork to attend to. Doctor Morgan has her first shift with you tomorrow.”Clarence claps me on the back. Normally, that wouldn’t make me budge, but I’m so off kilter, I actually stumble forward, catching myself on the counter just in time. But the action brings me close to her. Close enough to hear her intake of breath. I back up instantly. It’s only as the two of them walk away that my brain catches up to something important. Did he say her first shift with me? Oh, fuck no.

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