Falling head-first into the wrong woman’s bed was not how Reed Bishop’s night was supposed to go. Now a gorgeous, half-naked ballet dancer was threatening his manhood…with a book. He can’t blame her. 
It wasn’t how it seemed—he was just doing his job, tracking down his lead informant, who, unfortunately, took off, leaving him to figure out what to do with her friend. Staying in her apartment was no longer safe.
And that’s how he got himself into this mess.

Now she’s sleeping in his bed while he tosses and turns on the couch.
There are pink tights in his bathroom.
Pointe shoes next to his boots.
He swears he won’t touch her like that…but he can’t ignore his fantasies.

As a tattooed, muscled DEA Agent, Reed’s seen some things. Drug dealers, murderers…He can’t let Talia get close. Even though she’s made it clear they’re both fighting the same hunger. And he definitely can’t use his handcuffs on her…no matter how much she begs.

Of all the nightmare scenarios he’d been imaging on his way to Brooklyn, being met with a half-naked, book-wielding, ball-threatening woman in peach lingerie somehow hadn’t made it onto the list. They seriously didn’t prepare him enough in training for real life in New York.


If you’ve read the first book of the series, Wrong Bed, Right Roommate, you’ve met Talia. This is her story. Since her former roommate and best friend moved in with her boyfriend and Talia’s brother she needed a place to live. When one of the fellow dancers she works with needs someone to sublet her apartment on short notice, Talia jumps right for that offer. What she doesn’t expect his a DEA agent to come barging in.

Talia and Reed are complete opposites. She is loud and messy. He is quiet and a grump. Despite being so different they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. I loved their chemistry, their banter. Talia would push all of Reed’s buttons.

This story took turns I didn’t expect, especially from reading the blurb, but I loved every single moment of it. It was funny, it was steamy and it had some drama to it. The characters were well written and the added suspense really made the story stand out.


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