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REVIEW: Wine&Dine by L.B. Dunbar


Dolores Chance.
When I was falling apart, I fell in love.
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. 
I ran away from life and ended up running into…his dog.
Actually, his dog ran into me. I don’t care for dogs. 
Then I met the owner. 

Garrett Fox.
When my neighbor’s sister came to visit,
I promised to show her around town. 
I’m an investor in things, not people, not emotions.
I’m not a fan of love. I’ve been burned before.
Then I met Dolores.

When a sexy mature, man-of-means encounters a silver vixen, healing her broken heart might be worth more than gold.

Romance has no age limit.

“You’re stunning.”
“I’m a mess, remember?” I snark, losing steam.
“A beautiful mess,” he says, his voice catching on the comment.


Dolores needs a break from her day to day life, especially after her brother Denton comes back into town after being away for 27 years and losing her mother. So when her brother offers up his California condo, she hesitantly accepts.

While in California, Dolores meets her brothers gorgeous neighbor, Garrett Fox. Garrett knows he shouldn’t get involved with his neighbor’s sister, but he also can’t resist her. The two of them are drawn to each other and the more time the begin to spend together the more that attraction builds.

I loved the chemistry between Dolores and Garrett. There were definitely some hot moments between the two of them throughout the story. They both had their own insecurities when it came to being in a relationship, but they are amazing at constantly being there for each other and reassuring each other. Garrett is one swoon worthy silver fox when it comes to how sweet, kind and romantic he is. Plus, the man likes his toys in the bedroom.

This story can be read as a standalone, however, I feel like you get a lot more from it when it comes to the side characters and some of Dolores’s background if you’ve read Second Chance, which is Denton’s story.

Definitely a MUST READ book.