Joslyn Meyers has taken the celebrity world by storm, drawing the attention of millions. But one fan’s affections has gone too far, and she’s running to the one place she hopes he’ll never find her – back home to Cunningham Falls. 

Kynan McGrath leads The Jameson Group, a world-class security organization, and he’s ready to do what it takes to keep Joslyn safe, even if it means giving up his own life in return. The one thing he’s not prepared to lose, though, is his heart. 

I’m so sorry for the extra work this will cause you, but I also know you will figure a way to salvage whatever you were working on or in the alternative, find something even better.


Kynan is a former Marine who is getting back to his civilian life by helping out his former military buddy Jerico Jameson with his new security business. The job? Be a bodyguard for 19 year old pop princess Joslyn Meyers.

Kynan was instantly captivated by the blonde beauty and Joslyn was instantly drawn to the sexy former British marine. They shouldn’t have a relationship, Kynan was there for a job, but you can only fight the attraction for so long, especially when you spend as much time as they did together.

This was a fast pace, instant love. It was hot, it was sweet and there was a little drama when it came to Joslyn’s mother. It does end on little bit of a cliffhanger, but their story picks up in the upcoming release Code Name: Genesis.


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