REVIEW: What Do You See? by K. Dosal McLendon

I believed I had my future all planned out.
College, track, friends, I mean, why wouldn’t I? I was a nineteen-year-old girl in college with a dream of being an Olympian that wasn’t too far within reach as a college top track star.
A jeep I could roll the windows down while the radio blasted as I sang off-key.
My own dorm that gifted me privacy from my two triplet brothers. 
I had it all.
But just like many, I took it all for granted. That’s until my life turned upside down, and everything changed. I nearly became one more lost soul. Without the love of my family, friends, and a very charming soccer player, I would’ve truly lost myself in the process.
This is my story and how I began to see beyond what’s right in front of me.
Funny, all I had to do was open my eyes.
The only problem is time.

lived a life never truly paying attention to the world around me. I had my dad, my grams, and my soccer ball. I was perfectly fine with the way I lived life.
Why grow attached to things that can walk away?
That’s until I saw her.
The girl I never thought I would find–the one who made me see in a different perspective.
​Oh, and how beautiful it is.

That was the day my entire life changed, the day I learned our eyes can hold the truth.


What Do You See? Is a book that will stick with me for a while. It is so different from anything that I have ever read before and I loved every single moment of it. For a debut novel this story is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. It literally makes you open your eyes and think about the world around you.

Claire had everything going for her. She was a student, track star and an Olympic hopeful. Until one single accident forever changed her life. She is on a downward spiral and shutting out those who are closest to her. Jake is a soccer star, but his life isn’t perfect. He has gone through his own struggles, but there is something about Claire. He wants to know her secrets and he wants to be her support. Will she be able to let him in?

This story. It is raw, emotional, beautiful, breathtaking, sweet, heartbreaking, full of hope and love. Claire and Jake are real. Their relationship isn’t perfect, they struggle as a couple and individually many times throughout the story. What I love most about Jake? The fact that he isn’t willing to give up when times get rough, he is there every single step of the way. Trying to find a way to help her and support her. Claire is a fighter. I can’t even begin to imagine what she is feeling and experiencing but her story is inspirational. Her struggles felt real. You could feel her pain and hurt throughout the entire story.

Claire’s brothers, Cole and Liam, were fantastic secondary characters and I can’t wait for their stories. I hope that we get more Claire and Jake in those stories as well.

This story is so much more than a contemporary romance novel, it is inspirational and gives you so much hope. This one is a MUST READ and a definite favorite of mine.


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