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REVIEW : What Do You Regret? K. Dosal McLendon


Regrets, I have many in my life, but the top two regrets haunt me every day.
One is the future I stole from my sister, Claire, because of a car accident I caused.
The second? Grace.
I was six years old when I met the love of my life. I didn’t know. How could I?
After years of my life being filled with Grace, grace itself became my regret.
My sister always said, “The past doesn’t always stay where it should.” And damn, she was right.
My past is staring right at me. Golden eyes, slick blood-red hair, killer body, and a shy smile.
A smile that was once mine, and mine alone.
Grace now lives in the same apartment building, attends the same university, and is friends with my siblings. She came back into my life for a second time. I should walk away, just like she once had.
Regrets. Is it possible to regret the same person twice?

Living on an island, they always preach about the power of the sea. The hazards of the riptide.
But my riptide was too much for me to fight, and the current never slowed. So, I went away.
Away from him. Cole.
My shore.
Three years ago, strangers broke me with their hateful words.
They didn’t even know me.
But I was weak.
It’s true. People could destroy you with words—in this case, a sex tape. A single video managed to ruin my reputation—my self-worth—and my soul drowned along with it.
After my family isolated me, keeping me away from the aftermath, I left my safe-haven and decided to go to college. My soul knows he’s here, too.
It’s been three years, but now I’m stronger. 

I was six years old when I met the love of my life.

my review

I thought What Do You See? left me an emotional wreck, but What Do You Regret? DESTROYED ME! This story broke my heart, but it slowly mended it back together. I was yelling at the characters so many times. I was so invested in this story. I knew from the moment I met Cole that I would fall in love with him and I definitely did. Maybe even more so after reading this book.

Cole and Grace’s story was heartbreaking, emotional and truly beautiful. I loved their relationship, both the good and the bad. There is so much chemistry between the two of them, even after spending three years apart. Though, their relationship came to an abrupt in.

This is a romance, however, there is also a much bigger message. The effects of cyberbullying. It’s ugly, it can ruin people’s lives forever and so much more. I felt that the subject was handled very well and give the full picture of how it can change someone’s life.

Grace is such a strong female character. She has overcome so much, but has come out stronger. She is even stronger than she realizes. I loved Cole and how supportive he was when it came to Grace and the effort, he put in to protect her, though some of his plans were a little questionable.

What Do You Regret? is a beautifully written, emotional story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one!

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