Nicholas “Nico” Johnson, aka ‘Hulk’. The man got past all my defenses despite my efforts to keep him at a distance. It’s a lost cause because our bodies call to each other, like a moth to a flame, we give in. Time and time again we come together and crackle like lightning. I said we were done, for good this time, but the funny thing about desire is, you don’t tell it when it’s done, it tells you. Our desire would never be done, oh no baby, it was just getting started.

An impenetrable wall was built around her heart. That’s what she said anyway, but I didn’t care. Lacey Turner was my kryptonite, my Achilles heel. We were the golden couple, the love that everyone secretly wished for themselves, but obstacles keep getting put in our way, testing the strength of our connection.

Our bodies know exactly what to do behind closed doors, but we can’t seem to get it right elsewhere. As long as I can keep her in my bed, I’ll find a way to make everything else fall into place. Just when I think I have it right, there are those obstacles again, but this time we have no choice but to overcome them.

The game between us has always been tied, but with so many extra innings one of us is bound to hit a walk off to end it. Lacey finally does it with those two little words…and no they aren’t home run.

“One day, Lacey Lee, one day. I ain’t gonna meddle, but the big guy up there is gonna find someone for you that’ll knock that stubborn ass right off her high horse.”


I have been waiting for this story for FOREVER and it did not disappoint. Lacey is hands down on of my favorite characters in this series. The girl is sassy, she is feisty, but she is also a girl who just wants to find her happiness. She hides behind the walls she has built to protect her heart from pain and heartache. Nico is just he man to break down those walls.

Nico and Lacey’s relationship first began in the book 3, Ballers with Benefits, and from there we got little bits and pieces of their relationship but it was enough to fall in the love with them. So, naturally this book gives us more of their history together. I LOVED the flashbacks we got throughout the course of the last 3 years of their relationship together.

We got the amazing flashbacks, but the present with Hulk and Blondie was just as amazing. This story was emotional and it was probably the steamiest out of the previous books, I mean the mouth on Nico! You may need to fan yourself. Make sure the tissues are reading because there are few times where you will definitely be needed them! There’s a couple completely swoon worthy scenes and a few times where I may have wanted to throat punch Nico and a couple other characters (if you’ve read it you probably know the two people I am referring to).

Nico and Lacey have some of the best chemistry I have ever read. These two are SO perfect for each other. Despite their rollercoaster of a relationship they have so much love for each other, their chemistry is hot enough to melt your kindle, and I love every single thing about them.

I’ve completely fallen for the Gavinwood/Turner/Johnson crew. This ENTIRE series is a MUST READ!!! It is so much more than just a sports romance! There is a surprise at the end and I CANNOT WAIT for what is coming next!


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