REVIEW : Vicious Hate by Thandiwe Mpofu


Devastation tastes a lot like ash in your mouth.

It feels like looming death hanging over your bones.

It sounds like the violent shattering of your soul.

It has an acrid smell much like that of rotting hearts. . .

But most of all, devastation looks a lot like the beautiful, fiery girl with her fake sincerity and lies. Now, she thinks we’re somehow an option that she can discard at any fucking time.

Does it surprise you then, sweetheart, that I would show you what real hate is?

Isn’t it a tragedy after all? To wish on a star that has fallen from grace? Because baby, that’s what you are to me now. A beautiful tragedy that I desperately want to make atone for all her sins.

I guess we were two mismatched, vicious and tragic souls flourishing in hate, headed straight for the sweet experience of deep devastation.

At the end, will we know what devastation feels like? I don’t think you will….

my review

WHAT ON EARTH DID I JUST READ!? I can’t even begin to form words to write this review. Vicious Hate was twisted in so many different ways. It will completely ripe out your heart and never give it back. It is so hard to write this review without giving out any of the details. This is truly one series that you just have to read.

If you haven’t read Reckless Hate, go do that NOW! Then you can come back to this one. But Seriously, I think I am in shock over this book. Ace and Astraea are king and queen. I am rooting for them like there is no tomorrow, however, everything else in life does not want these two together, but there is SO MUCH chemistry between them.

Vicious Hate was dropping truth bombs like they were candy at a 4th of July parade. I thought I was going to get whiplash from everything that was being revealed. This book was INSANE and twisted and completely addicting.

I am so ready for book 3 and more of Ace, Astraea and the rest of the Blue Boys.

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