REVIEW: Unexpected Love by Kristin Mayer

When I said, “I do,” I meant it for life.
When he said, “I do,” he didn’t mean it at all.

Divorced and single, I’m ready to find true love. 
When a business deal requires me to create an online dating account, 
I find myself drawn to Mister_Mystery. 

He’s not looking for love. 
I’m not looking for another lie. 

We decide to never meet. 
But fate has something very different in mind.

It was a mind fuck. The two women I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about were the same person.


I went into this book completely blind. I didn’t read the blurb. That being said I love Kristin Mayer, so I knew that this book would be amazing and I was not disappointed.

Addilyn was abandoned, she was hurt, she was drug through the trenches and still has managed to come out strong on the other end. She is a true fighter, especially when she could have given up so many times. I love a strong heroine.

Lucian, that man is EXTREMELY swoon worthy. His protectiveness, his sweet side, his kind side and well, the man is HOT. Like, Addilyn he has been through a lot and has continued to put the needs of others in front of his own and just has their best interest at heart.

Remmy, sweet, adorable Remmy stole the story. I absolutely LOVED every single scene with him in it. They were adorable. Lucian and Remmy together was a serious ovary explosion! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and SWEET!

This story was pure PERFECTION and I loved every single moment about it. This is another fantastic story by Kristin Mayer and a MUST READ.


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