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I will not sleep with my daughter’s new nanny, no matter how hot he is.

And boy is he. Preston Hawthorne looks like he’d be more at home on a Hollywood set than playing dress-up with my daughter. But he dotes on her, bringing a sense of calm and order to our home. And the way he looks at me, the way he makes me feel is…unexpected. As if I might spontaneously combust.

I know better than to mix business with pleasure, and I certainly don’t fall for men who are nearly a decade younger than me. But the more time I spend with Preston, the more I’m tempted to break all my rules.


I need to start thinking more about my future and less about screwing my boss.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Especially when she’s doing yoga on the lawn and working ungodly hours to provide for her daughter. Not to mention, she’s successful, savvy, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

But I’m determined to finally finish my degree, and that means I have to keep my job. A relationship with Alexis Black is the last thing I need, even if she’s the only thing I want.

He looked like someone who belonged on a Hollywood set, not….I swallowed….a nanny.

my review

Just like the title this book was Unexpected in the best way possible. I loved that it was a different take on the single parent/nanny romance, plus throw in a reverse age gap. I was completely sucked in from the beginning.

Alexis and Preston had INSTANT chemistry, but there was the whole, he is my daughter’s nanny, he is young debated that Alexis experienced and I was sitting there yelling at my kindle telling her to just go for it! I loved that Preston wasn’t immature and I easily would forget that he was younger. Alexis is hardworking and she wants the best for her baby girl, which after learning her background makes so much sense and explains a lot about her.

Sophia, Hunter and Lauren were all amazing secondary characters and I hope there is more of them in the future, and of course more of Alexis and Preston.

If single parent/nanny and/or reverse age gap romances are your jam, then I HIGHLY recommend you read Unexpected!

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