REVIEW : Unexpected by Aleatha Romig



What will happen… when Jenn learns the truth that has been brewing deep inside me?
…when she learns my desires have been restrained?
…when containing them is no longer possible?
Will she flee when there’s no place to run?

Traveling to the isolation of a tropical island, we agree to lay our marriage and our future on the line. It’s the only way to face the demons—my demons—that threaten our life together.
For us to make our marriage work, we must break down barriers, reveal the hidden places, and shine light where darkness has taken root.
This reprieve from life is meant to be about us, our marriage, and our future.
It is…until the unexpected happens…

Will our marriage survive? Will we?

“I don’t want to make love. I want to fuck you like I’ve never fucked you before. I want to spend the next ten days making you hear me…even when I don’t speak.”

my review

Unexpected is well unexpected. Paul and Jenn are at the end of their marriage, they don’t know what to do. They are giving their marriage one last shot, ten days away on a secluded paradise island.

Paul hid a part of himself when he met Jenn, he didn’t think she would accept it and he was willing to let that side of him go to be with her forever. Like Paul, Jenn was also hiding a part of herself from him, a part she didn’t know if she could ever go back to.

This book is full of emotions and passion. Paul and Jenn still have tons of chemistry, despite their marriage going stale. They were one couple I was truly rooting for the entire time to make things work and despite their secrets to keep fighting for each other.

This book has a little bit of suspense, some secrets and a whole lot of steam.

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