Mallory Reynolds is a driven woman fueled by her passion for photographing wild animals in remote locations. Every year she makes a trek deep into Alaska, but this time the unthinkable happens: she crash-lands after her plane stalls out in a storm. Injured, vulnerable, and threatened by the very creatures she loves, Mallory fears the worst—until she’s rescued by Michael Bradley, a mysterious mountain man living in self-imposed exile.

Mallory is grateful for Michael’s help but desperate to return home to let her family know she’s alive. Unfortunately, neither of them can leave Michael’s secluded cabin until spring. Mallory’s stuck with a stranger for months.

As Mallory recovers, a deep bond begins to form between the pair. Mallory is convinced that fate brought them together, but Michael is buried in his past, unable to move forward. Undaunted, Mallory tends to Michael’s heart as tenderly as he cared for her wounds—but will her love be enough to heal him?

I don’t know, okay. I don’t want anything to happen between us. I just want to be friends. But then, when I’m around you, when you’re close to me…you’re so…they way you smell, the way you talk, the way you move…I can’t help wanting you…even though I know it’s wrong.


This book was unexpected in a good way. I truly didn’t know what to expect when it came to this story.

Mallory has a love of photography, specifically wild animal photography. That’s the reason she is flying her plane to the remote wilderness of Alaska when her plane crashes. She thinks her life is over, that she will never see her family again, that her family will never know what truly happens to her. Michael ran away from his life and people in general. He has made his home in the remote wilderness of Alaska, living peacefully off the land. Keeping to himself and not having to worry about being hurt by people anymore. So what happens when Michael comes across Mallory’s plane wreckage and saves her?

This was a slow burn romance, sometimes, it was a little too slow for me. I was started to get frustrated for them at some points! I just wanted them to give into the chemistry that continued to brew between them. Of course, when they finally truly gave into their emotions and feelings it was heartbreaking. Despite barely knowing each other I love how protective they were of each other, though I guess you don’t have much of choice when you’re stuck together in a remote cabin in the wild of Alaska.

Mallory was just what Michael needed though. He is a broken man; he built a wall around himself and just shut himself out of civilization to avoid the pain he had experienced. Mallory was able to slowly knock down those walls and show him that they world isn’t a completely terrible place. You have to learn to live again.

This story was adventurous, it was a heartbreaking and it is something completely different from anything I’ve read before.


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