REVIEW : Twisted Judgement by K.D. Clark


Giovanni is a man born into the world of darkness.
Nothing in New York City happens without him knowing about it.
He is used to people fearing him and meeting all his demands.
He’s sure this won’t be any different.

In a moment of desperation Ave turns to the lesser of two evils.
A man she hopes will feel obligated to keep her safe because of her father.
After years of trying to distance herself from the criminal underworld she finds herself right back in it. 

He was falling for a woman that would never love him back.


Twisted Judgement is a short, addicting , steamy, and suspenseful mafia romance that will suck you in from the start! Get ready to get sucked into the world of Gio, Wes and Avé.

Avé left Las Vegas to get away from the mafia life, however, she may have found herself even deeper into the world she wanted to escape. Wes befriends her when she comes to New York, but when Avé’s ex, who is also Irish mob, comes after her she runs to Gio’s club for help. He brings her to his home and keeps and eye on her, along with Wes.

I love the chemistry between Avé, Wes and Gio. Avé feels something for both men, you can feel the chemistry that is between the three of them. Wes wants Avé and he has for a while. They form a friends with benefits relationship, only Wes continues to fall more and more for Avé, but will she ever return the feelings? Then there is Gio. He is fascinated with Avé and wants her, but doesn’t want to overstep things when it comes to her and Wes. I LOVED the little love triangle between the three of them and the massive amounts of chemistry.

I DEVOURED this book, I was completely addicted to the story. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when it came to the ending. Seriously, it killed me. I hope we get a lot more of these three in the future because I haven’t had enough of them or their story yet.


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