REVIEW : Trevor’s Truth 3 by L. Sherman

In Part 3 Millie’s journey is taking her to the corners of her sexual exploitation. Every week before Friday’s session she receives an elegant black lacquered box with outfit and instructions for the specific session. Millie has never had the urge to explore sex with another woman but is urged to do so in this week’s session. Has Trevor kept up the charade long enough? How fragile is their new found love outside the club?


“You are my first everything,” I told him honestly.


Trevor and Millie’s relationship continues to progress, but will they be able to survive when the truth is revealed?

I loved getting flashbacks into their relationship and into what truly happened in the past between them. It seriously broke my heart.  This book is seriously the HOTTEST one so far in the series. Lesson 3 for Millie is being with another woman. Of course, this lesson also led to something more. It was a major turning point in the story and in Trevor and Millie’s relationship.

It isn’t going to be an easy road for Trevor. He is going to have to work hard to gain back the trust he started to rebuild with Millie. But will knowing the truth help their relationship in the long run? Their story is to be continued……


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