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REVIEW : Trevor’s Truth 2 by L. Sherman

Trevor is back in L.A. After years overseas building two thriving businesses. He has kept his long-term friendship with Justin, Millie’s brother and now that he’s back in the city of angels he’s also invited to family dinners just as old times. Seeing Millie that first night in the club he knew that he was playing with fire by not revealing his identity. But one taste is never enough, and he needs another sample and another before coming clean.


He was playing the knight in shining arm. I smiled to myself and felt a bit torn about continuing the sessions at the club while exploring a blooming relationship with the one who got away.


Book two continues right where the first book ended. Of course, we all know that Millie is getting lessons in seduction and this book is STEAMY, grab a fan because you will need it steamy. Though, it isn’t all about the steam. We got to learn more about Trevor and Millie outside of the club.

They have a history and it is one that didn’t end on the best of terms, however, there is still chemistry between the two, both in and out of the club. There is still a lot of pain and heartbreak for them to work through.

Now, back to the club. Next up for Millie is lessons in oral and I swear my kindle was going to melt from the heat of some of these scenes.

The chemistry, the heat and the emotions are EXPLOSIVE. I can’t wait to see where Trevor and Millie’s relationship goes both in and out of the club.