REVIEW: Trade In by AJ Alexander

Against all odds, first love gets a second chance at forever… 

They say you never forget your first love. They would be right, I’ve got the scars on my heart to prove it. The more time that passes, the more I convince myself I’m over him. Instead of wasting time crying, I focus on my unlikely new career choice as a motorcycle mechanic. I may not be able to repair the damage Liam left behind, but I can make a bike like new.
When he wanders back into my life, my old flame lights a brand new fire. I shouldn’t still want him… but I do.

The people I serve may be toasting to remember or sipping to forget… but I’m drowning in regret for walking away from the girl I loved. It was for the best, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself, until I see her again. Rachael’s eyes are filled with the same sadness I’ve been carry around. I thought I was saving her from more hurt. Turns out, I was wrong.
Now that we’ve been given a second chance, I’m determined not to waste it. I just have to swallow my pride and tell her… the truth. 

Power panties are the panties you wear when you need to be tough and have a take no prisoners attitude. They are for no one but you.


If you’ve read Served you probably remember how that one ended, well Trade In picks up right where it left off. If you haven’t read Served, you can still read Trade In. It is a standalone.

Rachael and Liam were high school sweethearts, until tragedy struck and changed both their lives. Will they get a second chance at love? Will their relationship survive when the truth comes out?

This is my FAVORITE book in the Odd Jobs series. I love second chance romances and this one was perfect. It had its sweet moments, it had its steamy moments and it had its heartbreaking moments. I was rooting for Rachael and Liam from the very beginning. Their chemistry was off the charts and even after years apart was stronger than ever.

Rachael and Liam’s relationship was full of twists and turns, but of course, their friends were right there with them to support them and push them along. I love that there was more Addison and Cole, plus Wyatt and Heather. Though, we were also introduced to Rachael’s best friend from Kansas, who also grew up with Liam, Morgan and learned some interesting things about her (which I hope we get more of her story next).

This series keeps getting better and better and I couldn’t put this book down. I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of Rachael and Liam.


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