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They say forbidden fruit is the sweetest.
Those people have obviously never tasted her kiss…

When I was eight years old, I met my soul mate.
Charlotte Kasen.Little sister to my best friend and the only girl I ever loved.
Her family saved me from Hell on Earth when I was eleven.

How did I repay her? I took her first kiss, then pushed her away for more than a decade.

I made a vow to my best friend to keep my distance, a vow I’ve kept sacred—until now. But will she even give me a second chance when she thinks I never wanted one in the first place?

I don’t know what I have to do to prove I’m the right man for the job, but she needs to understand one thing: Charlotte was mine from the moment I first laid eyes on her and she’ll be mine to have.




I quit keeping track of all the tears I shed over Deacon Devereaux years ago, but my heart can’t seem to give him up.

I’ve lived my life by the rules of others and have always denied what I wanted most: a handsome 6’4” package, all wrapped in muscle and regret.

He thinks I can’t see all the secrets he keeps hidden.

He believes we’re not meant to be together.

He couldn’t be more wrong…

I see every beautifully broken piece of him and I want them all—but at what cost?

Now he’s back, saying things are different this time. Our past proves he’s a runner, but should I ignore everything I know to be true now that he’s running towards me?

To Have is a brother’s best friend, second chance romance, packed full of humor, heartache, and a heart-wrenching, hand-wringing HEA. Although this is a standalone, it is part of an interconnected world.

The Vows Series will continue with To Hold in 2020.

WARNING:  To Have contains references to child abuse, domestic violence, and alcoholism. Readers sensitive to those topics need to consider this prior to reading.

You are a jewel in a box full of unpolished rocks. Don’t ever discount yourself, sugar..and don’t forget to always love those broken pieces.

my review

Kali Brixton is a new author and To Have is a fantastic debut novel. I really had no idea what to expect going into this book, but it was such a beautiful, emotional surprise. I fell in love with this story, with these characters. My heart broke for them, I wanted everyone to get the happy ending and the second chance they truly deserved.

Deacon has had a rough life, he has experienced pain, suffering, love and loss all from a very young age. My heart broke for him, but despite everything he has grown stronger and became a better man. Charlotte is sweet, caring, loving and will do anything for those she loves and even strangers who just need a friend and some love. Their chemistry and their connection is truly beautiful. There is so much history between these two. I loved every single moment, including all their banter.

Elsie, I LOVED HER. She was there for everyone. She was full of so much wisdom and insight. I wish that she was my grandmother. She was completely on #TeamDarlotte and rooting for them from the very beginning and I was right there with her.

Grey and Mason were AMAZING secondary characters and Charlotte’s older brothers. I am dying to know more about them, especially Mason. There is such a mystery around him that leaves you wanting more. Grey is a little bit less of a mystery, but there is still something about him.

Kali wrote an emotional, beautiful, second chance romance that tear your heart into shreds, but mend those broken pieces back together. This is a fantastic debut novel and I can’t wait for more!

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