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REVIEW : This is Love by Natasha Madison


Never fall in love.
That was my motto, and I was sticking to it.
Having my heart broken once was enough, and I never wanted to do it again.
He was supposed to be a one-night stand, the only thing I do.
One rule shouldn’t be so hard to follow, but then I went back for seconds, then thirds. 

After that, I lost count of the number of times I lost myself in his arms.
When I wasn’t paying attention, my guard slipped.


They call me Private Mark for a reason—my whole life is a secret.
For two years, we danced around each other until I got her right where I wanted her … under me.
Now that I had her, I wasn’t letting her go. I thought we were on the same page.
I thought we were building something great.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I had no idea that while I was falling in love, she was trying to convince herself we were temporary.
She thought I’d walk away.

She was wrong.

Now it’s time to convince her she wants us too and to show her that the crazy, wild thing we have … This Is Love.

“He kissed me,” I tell her.
“Okay,” she says. “You’ve kissed other men.”
“Yes, but this one was different. My stomach did a thing.”


This is Love was one of my highly anticipated reads and let’s just say it does not disappoint. I LOVE Vivienne and all her crazy antics. Throughout the series she has hands down been one of my favorite characters and I was so happy to have the chance to read her story.

Vivienne is a serial dater. She’s been burned in the past, so she doesn’t let anyone really get close to her. Enter PM aka Mark aka Markos. He is a private man, so naturally he is attracted to someone who blogs about her life and her dates.

Vivienne was always the friend dishing out advice, the was unfiltered, spoke her mind and she is one of my favorite heroines, but this story showed a different side to her and I love her even more after. Mark is the exact opposite, but when it came to Vivienne he was super patient, he knew he couldn’t push her. Their chemistry was kindle melting. I loved the instant attraction these two had for each other.

This is Love had everything. Hockey, LOTS of laughs, LOADS of steaminess, and romance (seriously, Mark is the ultimate book boyfriend – under the sea date, SIGN ME UP!). One of my TOP BOOKS of 2019 and a MUST READ along with the rest of the series.